We are a full-service pick-up and drop-off dry cleaning company. Leave your dirty clothes in one of our signature green bags and we’ll pick it up and drop off your freshly dry-cleaned clothes twice a week. We have both a Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday pick-up and delivery plan. For those emergency cleaning needs we have a one-day service and special delivery days upon request. Give us a try, we look forward to earning your business.

folksMost dry cleaners that offer walk-in service ONLY have to compete with the one, maybe two closest cleaners to their store. Here, at Jeff’s AAA Dry Cleaning, we service a large area and in turn, we have to be competitive with dozens and dozens of cleaners. This, and my personal strive for excellence, keeps us working harder for your business. We know that ­­­­many “cleaners on the corner” get the majority of their business because they are in a convenient location for their customer, not because they earn their customers’ business. We will EARN your business. Since we don’t have ANY extra fees of ANY kind for using our service, you may very well save money, but you’ll definitely save time, gas, and the hassle of picking-up and dropping off your dry cleaning (that’s two trips we save you!).

With Jeff’s AAA Dry Cleaning, you can enjoy the luxury of FREE pick-up and FREE delivery without ANY added expense…

Here is how the service works…

1. To get started, you will need to fill out the one-time form included with this letter and place it in the green bag with your first order of clothes. You will only need to fill out this form once. When we return your first order, your bag will come back with an itemized ticket. Remember, the first $10 is on us.
2. Place the form in the bag and place the bag on your front porch this Monday morning by 8 am to get the $10 of free cleaning.
3. We will come through your neighborhood on Monday and check for bags. Once you are a customer, we come through your neighborhood twice a week on Mondays AND Thursdays to check for your bag (Don’t worry, if you don’t have cleaning every week, it’s no problem). Yes, we come twice a week!
4. We will then deliver your completed order on Thursday (We provide a door hanger to hang your clothes on). Once you’re a customer, if we picked up an order on Tuesday, we’ll deliver it back on Thursday and vice versa. Need it back sooner? Just ask and we’ll make it happen.
5. At the end of each week, we will bill your credit card for whatever dry cleaning you had that week, but remember NO charges for pick-up or delivery or hidden fees of any kind (Statement billing is also available). You will ONLY pay for what you cleaned with us. We provide a DETAILED statement that will show exactly when and what was cleaned. Don’t forget the first $10 is on my dime.

Here are 5 other reasons you’ll LOVE Jeff’s AAA Dry Cleaning:

1. Free special pickups for ANY reason (even if you forget to put out your bag) AS REQUESTED!
2. Free reminder phone call the evening before your pick-up! (I wish the trash man did this)­­
3. Free proactive broken/missing shirt button replacement! We have a $5 broken button guarantee, so if we miss a button, we pay for it. You’ll NEVER have to sew on another shirt button AGAIN!
4. We charge your credit card once a week and upon request we can send a statement once a month.
5. No need to be home for pick-up OR delivery.

Don’t forget that if you put your bag out with completed sign-up form This Monday Morning, you’ll get $10.00 in FREE cleaning. That way, ALL the risk is on me to provide you with the best quality and service. If for ANY reason I don’t EVER live up to your standards, all you have to do is leave the empty bag on your porch on your pick-up day and that will be my indication you no longer need the service… fair enough?

Call me today if you have any questions (586)675-1126. Even if it late at night – still make the call (586)675-1126. Simply leave me a message, and I will get back to you ASAP. Do you have an order that needs to be picked up today? Give me a call, and we will come get it right away (586)675-1126.

I look forward to answering any questions you have and working hard to EARN your business.